Starting an ethical initiative | LSE Careers blog
This week Cathi Pawson and Heather Masoud, co-founders of Zaytoun, joined us for our final social enterprise case study of the term. Having created a market in the UK for artisanal Palestinian produce, underpinned by a strong commitment to ethical business, they shared their insights on how to build a business around an ethical production chain. Be passionate and establish relationships As Cathi and Heather have proved, you don't necessarily need to be business literate to start up an ethical production chain - though it probably helps! What is definitely important is to make sure that your passion for your producers exceeds your desire to be financially successful. It's this passion that'll give you the drive to succeed and hold all the elements of production in your business accountable. If you decide to push forward with an idea without business experience, make sure you establish good relationships with larger, established Fairtrade organisations such as Cafédirect, Divine,