How to make the most of spring weeks and insight programmes | LSE Careers blog
Congratulations you've secured a place on a spring week or insight programme! There's no clearer message that an employer is impressed with you – both with your profile and crucially, how you've connected it to their business. So how do you make the most of this experience? Using discussions from a recent careers panel where 2nd and 3rd year students came back and shared their top tips with first years, conversations with recruiters and watching many of you 'in action' we have compiled our top tips for how to make the most of your spring week. 1. Do your research You will have already done some of this when making your application but now's the time to dig a bit deeper. Look at the sector, the firm's business, any relevant 'desks' (Banking), but also the logistics for the week. In the weeks leading up to it read the business pages of quality newspapers, maybe the FT's Companies and Market. You don't need to understand everything you read but following some markets/business stories