Why people startup in Berlin | LSE Careers blog
Guest blog by Andrew Cherrie, who works at Berlin startup MEDIGO: For the last few years Berlin has carried Europe's startup flag with pride, and recently climbed into the top 10 in 2015's Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. Graduates of Berlin's startup playground include Soundcloud, EyeEm, and Delivery Hero, whilst investors such as Accel Partners (Facebook, Spotify, Dropbox) have cited Berlin as one of the world's most important hubs of innovation and enterprise. Lured in by the prospects of this growing ecosystem (and the city's renowned 'laid-back' approach to everyday life), many University graduates from all over the world choose to make Berlin their home after completing their studies. Whether seeking riches or just looking for a good time, the German capital holds an enigmatic attraction for young people across the globe. Have you thought about making the leap to Berlin after your studies, or maybe you're interested in working at a Berlin startup as part of a course placement?