come here
come here The so-called 'come here' motion. Patrick Swayze did it in Dirty Dancing when he invited Baby to do the lift, remember? Legendary and by that I'm not just talking about the lift. That 'come here' motion of him, so so sexy. Every man should be able to do that and again I’m not talking about the motion in itself, but what you use it for, that 'come here' motion I mean in specific. You also need them to find, yes, your g-spot. Whether you are looking for her yourself, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, you need the 'come here'. I’m alone while I write this. But don’t worry, I'm in for a do-it-yourself squirt turn. I look for that rippled, spongy prayer and as always, I find her. I make a 'come here' motion and use my curved fingers to stimulate my g-spot. I do that with a fairly heavy pressure, that's how I like it, remember that? And then. The female ejaculation. Much moisture.