10 Tips to Plan Your Magical Unicorn Party |
Your guest list has been finalized, the location is nailed down, and the date is getting closer; it's time to really get into the party planning. But if you want your party to be Pinterest inspiration-worthy, then you need a theme! Something girly, something fun, something magical. Fantasy? Too Broad. Mermaids? So last year! Unicorns though… now that sounds just right. Unicorns are growing ever more popular and this year, it's all about the unicorn party! Colourful, girly, and entirely up to your imagination, not even the sky is the limit when you're coming up with décor and treat ideas for your birthday party or baby shower. We all know that feeling when you're out shopping, standing in front of an endless wall of options, or at a restaurant and the menu is 6 over-sized pages in 8 point font. All that freedom can make things a little daunting. So let us narrow it down for you; here are our 10 favourite unicorn party ideas to add a dash of sparkle and rainbows to your event! 1)