Do Plantable Seed Favours actually GROW? |
Our Wedding Specialist have been asked the question: Do Plantable Seed Favours actually GROW? We have been assured by our Canadian Supplier that every batch is checked to ensure that the seeds will sprout and grow. SO- we know that under ideal circumstances, actual plants are possible. HOWEVER, the next question is: Can we (and your average Wedding Guest) make it happen? Plantable Seed Favours are a charming and novel personalized keepsake that can be given out to guests. The seeds are infused into the paper and create a bumpy organic look and feel. The Seeds are live and should sprout under ideal circumstances and some will survive to produce flowers but they are not a guaranteed source of showy flowers. If you prefer the look and feel of the Seed Paper, these are a great favour options for you. If you are more concerned with the resulting plants then seeds, seedlings or potted plants are a better favour option. We had an order of Wedding Seed Favour Tags with an error so we used