Streaming to YouTube Live with VLC and FFMPEG
Let's say you're on OS X. (If you're not, substitute the path to VLC executable with /usr/bin/vlc or just vlc; you could even use cvlc). PATHTOFILE=/Users/ivucica/my_video.mp4 STREAMID=ivucica.aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd VLC=/Applications/ if [ ! -e "${VLC}" ] ; then VLC=vlc fi "${VLC}" "${PATHTOFILE}" --sout '#transcode{vcodec=FLV1,acodec=mp3,samplerate=44100}:std{access=rtmp,mux=ffmpeg{mux=flv},dst=rtmp://'${STREAMID} I've seen a variant where vcodec is h264, acodec is aac and also [...]