International Women’s Day 2019 - rue21 blog
#IWD2019 is all about encouraging and empowering every woman to show the world what an amazing, smart and unstoppable force she is. Wherever you are, whatever you do—this is the day of the year where women get to have the voice that they deserve every day. To show our support and love for all the kick-butt ladies out there, we’re bringing you the stories of some truly incredible women that we’re honored to work with as a brand. This week leading up to International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting women who inspire, empower and impact their community every day. Our Insta’s getting a dose of girl power, and we are so excited about it. But that’s not all. We reached out to these fantastic women and asked them a few questions about what International Women’s Day means to them. Read on for some #femaleempowerment Tell us about a way you strive to empower other women. “Being a plus size dancer and teacher, it can be difficult to stay confident. I try my best to show women how to be comfortable and sexy in their own skin, and not let anyone take that away from them. I strive to exemplify that everybody is beautiful and unique in their own way!” –Charli, Plus Size Choreographer and boss babe Check out her killer Instagram! Shop this look: Plus Burnt Orange Striped Tie Front Cutout Mini Dress What is one piece of advice you would give to young women today? “Focus on what you love to do. Stay positive and don’t give up when things get tough. Be generous, modest and open minded. Always strive to be the best person you can be.” – Brittany, rue21 IT Analyst for Ecommerce Shop this look: Blue Plaid Print Tie Front Button Down Shirt What, to you, is the best part of being a woman in 2019? “We have a stronger voice. While we still have a long way to go, women are able to express their opinions and thoughts, and can publicly voice them. Creating these movements that unite not only women, but people from all over the world for change, is amazing! We must keep voicing our opinions!” – Steph, adventure seeker and photography lover Check out her wanderlust Instagram! Love these interviews? There’s more to come! Check back tomorrow for a full interview with a super special guest. Leave a comment down below and let us know who your #femaleinspo is!