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Disney helps blind visualize rides at their parks with new device "Audio description" is the latest feature of a proprietary, wireless system Disney initially created for disabled guests. (WALT DISNEY WORLD / April 15, 2009) Walt Disney World has rolled out a first-of-its-kind service designed to let even blind guests "see" its famed attractions. Called "audio description," the service provides visually impaired vacationers with a narrative depiction of the scenes that unfold as they move through rides such as the Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean. It is the latest feature added to a proprietary, wireless system that Disney World initially developed to help disabled guests. The system also includes features for deaf and hard-of-hearing guests, such as amplified sound and hand-held captions. "We want to make our rich stories available to everyone," said Greg Hale, vice president of worldwide safety and accessibility for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. But it