New Astronaut Training Experience Center at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex | The Official Ticket Center
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER – The race to Mars has already begun, and with the opening of the new Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX) at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex this December, guests will be the first to "touch down" on the Red Planet. The all-new Astronaut Training Experience will use immersive simulation technology to transport participants to Mars, train them to live and work in the harshest environment, and teach them what it's like to travel to the Red Planet, using real NASA science to address engineering challenges. Astronaut Training Experience will boast the most high-tech, hands-on activities available at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex through two distinct programs: Astronaut Training Experience, for which Training Segments will be available to guests as of December 18, and Mars Base 1, which opens in January 2018. Astronaut Training Experience will provide an opportunity for visitors to train like an astronaut preparing for a mission to Mars. Mars Base 1 will