Disney World's Abandoned Attraction – The Discovery Island Still Reflects an Inspiring Past | The Official Ticket Center
The Official Ticket Center ~ Probably the story of Walt Disney World wouldn't have been completed had Walt not spotted an inspiringly beautiful island in the Bay Lake long back. This little unspoiled looking island is considered to be the harbinger of the Disney World Project that tends to fascinate millions of theme park lovers today. The island itself being a natural gift had been a real source of inspiration for the Disney imaginers. It had played a unique role in the making of the greatest and happiest place on this Earth ever. Today while Discovery Island is no more a part of Disney attraction, its glorious past still inspires many Disney fans and visitors who had toured the island earlier. The history of this abandoned Disney area narrates an interesting story which goes back to the time when it was known as Raz Island (between 1900 and 1937). From a great family living retreat and farming ground to favorite hunting retreat of a group of local business people, the Island had