Edmonton Notes for December 9, 2018 - Blog
Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: Headlines According to the City's chief economist John Rose, Edmonton's GDP per capita peaked in 2014 and won't reach similar levels again until the 2030s. "It's going to be a long hard grind, and for a lot of people it's going to be a real adjustment to get used to the fact that we're not going back into another boom," Rose said, speaking to reporters at the Economic Society of Northern Alberta conference in Edmonton. That aside, Edmonton's economy won't be as impacted by cuts to oil production as Calgary's will. The Edmonton Police Service will get an extra $75 million over four years, which is $12 million less than they asked for. Council also voted to keep the police request for a new helicopter on the table, funded with debt instead of taxes, perhaps. In other budget news, Council voted to take on $112 million in debt to pay for the Terwillegar Drive expressway, approved $16 million for the Coronation Community Recreation Centre, approved $27.5