Media Monday Edmonton: Update #318 - Blog
Taproot Edmonton's latest Media Roundup was published today. Sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox every Monday morning. Local updates from the Media Roundup Here are a few select updates from today's Media Roundup: Starting this week, Elise Stolte will move from the City Hall beat to become the new city columnist at the Edmonton Journal. "It's a huge challenge and I'm hoping you'll all stay with me, debate with me, send me tips and ideas on this journey," Stolte tweeted. Paige Parsons will move from the courthouse to City Hall to fill Elise Stolte's position. "I'm excited to jump right in," she tweeted. Keith Gerein is the Journal's new provincial columnist. "I appreciate all the messages I've received," he tweeted in response to the news. "Even the critical ones." CFCW Music Director Larry Donohue has announced he will hang up his headphones at the end of the year. He has been with the station for 35 years. Cam Tait says the ATCO Edmonton Sun Christmas Charity Auction is