Edmonton Notes for June 10, 2018 - Blog
Here are my weekly Edmonton notes: Headlines The Edmonton Pride Parade was very well attended yesterday even with a bit of rain! The parade was interrupted briefly by protestors demanding that police and military be prohibited from marching in future parades. Organizers agreed and have banned them from future parades "until the community feels that they have taken the necessary steps for all community members to feel safe with their presence." Though many think of the Pride Parade as a big party nowadays, it has always been about activism and political struggle. It started in 1980 and "many people who took part wore paper bags on their heads because they were afraid of losing their jobs." The Province introduced changes to support transgender and gender-diverse Albertans this week by enabling all Albertans "to choose Female, Male or "X" on their driver's licences, ID cards and vital statistics records, such as birth certificates and death certificates." Ward 11 Councillor Mike Nickel