Postmedia merges Edmonton Journal & Edmonton Sun newsrooms, lays off 35 including senior editors - Blog
Postmedia today announced it is merging newsrooms and cutting about 90 staff across the country. Here in Edmonton, the Journal and the Sun newsrooms have merged and 35 people have been laid off as a result, including Journal editor-in-chief Margo Goodhand. The Journal, photo by Channing McRae When today started, there were about 90 people in the two newsrooms. That was already down signficantly from peak newsroom sizes - Terry McConnell suggested the Journal newsroom alone had 165 people ten years ago. Losing 35 people in a single day is devastating. Here are the impacted folks we know about (alphabetically by surname, with links to sources): Paul Bacon, Night Editor (Journal) (He was hired back!) Shaughn Butts, Photojournalist (Journal) (He has been saved!) Jessica Brisson, Graphics/Design (Journal) Cary Castagna, RIM/Fitness (Sun) Stephanie Coombs, Managing Editor (Journal) Ryan Cormier, Legal Affairs (Journal) Norm Cowley, Copy Editor (Journal) Bruce Edwards, Photojournalist