Coming up at City Council: March 16-20, 2015 - Blog
Agendas for upcoming City Council meetings are generally released on Thursday afternoons. I like to take a look to see what Council will be discussing, and I figured I should share that here. Below you'll find links to the meetings taking place next week, as well as links to and thoughts on some agenda items that caught my eye. You can find my previous roundups here. Monday, March 16, 2015 The week begins on Monday with a Public Hearing scheduled to last all day. There are 20 bylaws on the agenda. Here are some that caught my eye: Bylaw 17011 - Adoption of The Decoteau ASP You'll recall that this bylaw was first considered at the February 9 meeting, where Council asked for some improvements. Here's what has changed: The net residential density of the proposed ASP has increased from 30.6 to 34.0 dwelling units per hectare. An increase in the Business Employment designation is not being proposed as it would increase infrastructure costs, among other considerations. Administration says