City Council Update: February 13, 2015 - Blog
There are no Council meetings scheduled for next week. The next Committee meetings will take place during the week of February 23-27, with the next Public Hearing scheduled for March 2. Here's what happened at the Public Hearing that took place on Monday. Bylaw 17062 was referred back to Administration for further consultation, to return to Executive Committee on March 10. All other bylaws (except one) unanimously passed third reading (Councillor Loken was absent). There was one contentious issue though, and that was with Bylaw 17011 which was the adoption of The Decoteau Area Structure Plan (which I wrote about here). With a 6-5 vote (as both Councillor Loken and Councillor Henderson were absent for this one) the following motion was carried: That Bylaw 17011 be referred back to Administration to work with the proponents outlining the following: Density: review increasing the net residential density of the proposed Area Structure Plan Business Employment: review increasing the