A vision for the future of transportation in Alberta - Blog
The Province is currently working on a new long-term transportation strategy for Alberta. Over the last two months, public discussions have been held throughout Alberta and in the spring, an online survey will be released. "This Strategy - which will focus on all forms of transportation, connections and ways to move people and products - provide an overarching vision for Alberta's transportation system over the next 50 years. It will also help guide government decisions on transportation investments, policies and programs." That's a big challenge. But it's exciting to consider! Since I missed the meeting here in Edmonton, I took a look at the feedback form. It includes a number of questions that aim to capture what the public thinks about the strategy. One of the first deals with the proposed vision for the Transportation Strategy for Alberta: "A world-class transportation system that is safe, sustainable and innovative, and that supports Alberta's economy and quality of life." I