State of the Edmonton Twittersphere 2013: Top Users & Tools - Blog
In case you missed it, check out the overview post for a general look at Twitter in Edmonton in 2013. In this entry I'll share more details on who the most active, replied to, and retweeted users of the year were. If you want to see the most followed users in Edmonton, check out Twopcharts. Taylor Hall is the first local user over 300,000 followers! A quick reminder that the data in this post comes from a sample of roughly 13.8 million tweets posted by local users as defined in the overview post. Nearly 120,000 local users posted at least one tweet in 2013. Here are the 25 most active local users (they tweeted more than anyone else): RPrasad619 DaniParadis KikkiPlanet DavidPapp canadianglen Leask TrevorBoller YEGlifer JovanHeer abdihalimsalad MyLegacyCoach HouseofGlib ChristySpratlin bcbreakaway markyeg Moesquare edmontonjournal 1023nowradio machinegunv DJ_Orphan Gloriadantuono tommylutz eissyrC ctvedmonton candyTae There were three easily-identifed bots that would have been in the