Edmonton City Council Initiatives for 2013-2017 - Blog
With the adoption of Policy C518 (pdf) in March 2006, City Council started identifying and assigning Council Initiatives, "projects that Council deems would benefit from having a Councillor as a sponsor." At its December 11, 2013 meeting, our current City Council approved the list of initiatives for the 2013-2017 term. The following initiatives from the 2010-2013 term were renewed (the Councillor assignments, as volunteered, are in brackets): Northern Relationships/Circumpolar (Gibbons, Iveson, Caterina) Arts & Culture (Henderson, McKeen) Economic Development Heartland (Iveson, Gibbons) Startups (Oshry) Port Alberta (Nickel) Housing (Iveson, Henderson) Edmonton's Poverty Elimination (Iveson, Henderson, Sohi) Indigenous Peoples Strategy (Iveson, Caterina, Henderson) Multiculturalism (Iveson, Sohi) Next Gen (Oshry, Knack*) Public Transit (Knack, Sohi) Recreation (Anderson) Seniors (Knack, Sohi) Traffic Safety (Esslinger, Loken) The following initiatives are new (the Councillor