Media Monday Edmonton: Update #74 - Blog
Horrible news out of Boston today with an attack on the Boston Marathon. Jeff Jarvis called it a "media attack" tonight: "The attack on the Boston Marathon was designed to maximize media coverage: a popular event with cameras everywhere and a narrative that will be sure to follow about innocent enjoyment henceforth ruined by danger." Here is my latest update on local media stuff: Here's a great profile of Todd Babiak in New Trail. I love the story of his grade six story. Oh, and the purple suit! The Wanderer, which launched last July, is thanking readers for "a remarkable year." They've published 847 pieces on "just $100 and many dedicated volunteers." Watch for the site to ramp up in May, and if you're keen to get involved, now is the time! Losses deepened at Postmedia last quarter as both print advertising revenue and circulation continued to fall. And if you thought the cuts made already were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet! They're apparently just half-way through CEO Paul