Media Monday Edmonton: Sharing the news differently - Blog
Thursday was a big day for the local media as Alberta's Budget 2013 was released. To share the plethora of related information the Government of Alberta did more than just put out a press release, once again building a mini-site. That site contains lots of text, but also some charts and other visualizations in the highlights section. While the news was primarily covered in traditional ways by the local media, with plain text newspaper stories and high-level radio and television interviews,they also used the opportunity to further experiment with new ways of covering the news. Perhaps the most interesting approach was the Edmonton Journal's collection of visualizations: Use the visualizations to find out exactly where your tax dollars are going, what the government's priorities are and how the "bitumen bubble" has affected the government's spending plans. The visualizations were built by Lucas Timmons and utilized the fantastic D3.js library. Great stuff! CBC also went