State of the Edmonton Twittersphere 2012 – Users & Clients - Blog
This is the second part in my State of the Edmonton Twittersphere for 2012 – you can read the overview post here (and here is the users & clients post for 2011). As we saw in that entry, more than 105,000 local users posted at least one tweet in 2012. Let's take a closer look at users and the tools they used to post tweets. While a large number of users posted at least one tweet throughout the year, there are fewer users who post something in any given month. Keeping in mind that November is underrepresented in this chart, we can see that October had the most active users at nearly 52,000, and the trend is very clearly going up. Again I think it is really interesting to look at this data over the longer term. Here's a look at the growth in monthly active users since I started tracking data in 2009: There are a small number of really active users, and a much larger number of less active users. In 2012, the top 100 most active users accounted for about 1.5 million or 8.8% of all