City Council data now available in Edmonton's open data catalogue - Blog
Yesterday Edmonton became the first city in Canada to release "a fully robust set" of City Council datasets to its open data catalogue. A total of five datasets were released, including meeting details, agenda items, motions, attendance, and voting records. There are now more than 100 datasets available in the catalogue, with more on the way. Here's the video recording of the news conference: The City also produced a video about the new datasets: The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for managing Council & Committee meetings, boards, elections, and more. The release of this data (referred to as "Clerk's data" by some City employees) is another example of the way that office has embraced technology over the years. Kudos to Alayne Sinclair and her team, as well as Chris Moore, Ashley Casovan, and the rest of the IT team for making this data available! I'm really excited about the potential for this data. The information has long been available on the City's website, it