Lighting up Edmonton's new EPCOR Tower - Blog
At 6:30am this morning, EPCOR President & CEO Don Lowry officially "flipped the switch" to light the sign atop the new EPCOR Tower, the latest milestone in the construction of EPCOR's new corporate headquarters. The sign is unique in Edmonton, as it is the first to feature programmable RGB lighting in lettering. Every 15 seconds or so, the color of the sign changes from left to right. Currently it cycles between blue, green, orange, and yellow. Each letter is nine feet high, which sounds large but looks relatively small compared to some other downtown signs. Of course there are actually two signs, one on the north side and one on the south side, both on the 29th floor. Here's a video that shows the sign changing color: Last night the purple lights at the top of the building were pulsing, but my understanding is that won't happen normally. For more on this morning's ceremony, check out Brittney's excellent recap. It was a little over three and a half years ago that EPCOR