Pecha Kucha Night: Edmonton #10 (PKNX) - Blog
Last night was Edmonton's tenth Pecha Kucha Night, a completely sold out event held at the Alberta Aviation Museum. It was the second straight to sell-out in advance of the doors opening, and judging by the number of hands that went up when our hosts asked how many people had never been to a Pecha Kucha Night before, the event's reach continues to expand. PKNX focused on downtown: With the redevelopment of the City Centre Airport lands on the horizon, PKNX explores the potential for a Do-It-Yourself Downtown and features presenters exploring the architectural, social, environmental and cultural potential for our urban core in the 20 slides x 20 sec per slide format made popular world-wide by Klein Dytham Architecture. I saw a few comments on Twitter asking why the event was held on the City Centre Airport lands if the focus was on downtown, but that's exactly the kind of controversy that Edmonton NextGen was going for. And without question the redevelopment of the ECCA lands will