Megaprojects aren't enough to revitalize Edmonton's downtown - Blog
Edmonton's downtown has been the centre of attention lately, with a number of exciting megaprojects making headlines in recent weeks. As someone who has bought into the "as goes your downtown, so goes your city" mantra, I think the progress is good. But I firmly believe we need more than megaprojects to turn downtown around, and I'm not sure the little things that will positively impact downtown get the attention they deserve and require. The most talked about megaproject is of course the $450 million arena: "I'm elated. This is, to my mind, the start of a dream come true to rebuild our downtown." – Mayor Mandel, City of Edmonton and Katz Group reach arena deal (Archive) Another megaproject is the $340 million Royal Alberta Museum: "The aspirations of the city to revitalize its downtown, complete (with its) arts district, meshed with the province's need for a new home for the Royal Alberta Museum." – Premier Stelmach, Royal addition to downtown (Archive) Yet another megaproject is