Live Music in Edmonton now at ShareEdmonton with YEG Live - Blog
It's difficult but not impossible to discover all of the events that happen in Edmonton, and I'm continually working to improve the listings at ShareEdmonton. One of the ways I'm doing that is by working with others who already have large, accurate collections of events. The latest such example is YEG Live, Edmonton's source for local live music, artist, venue, and event listings. You can now see all YEG Live events at ShareEdmonton! I can't remember how I was introduced to YEG Live – it might have been via Twitter, or it may have been because they use one of my photos for their header background. In any case, I was impressed. Founders Chris Martyniuk and Cameron Gertz have created an excellent online hub for local music in Edmonton. Most importantly, they really care about the accuracy of the data on the site. As a result, YEG Live has a superb collection of artist profiles, venue profiles, and of course, live music events. I contacted Chris to see if he'd be interested in working