Edmonton's new Centre for Public Involvement - Blog
One of the items that was discussed at today's Executive Committee meeting (agenda in Word) was the proposed Centre for Public Involvement, a joint venture of the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta. The idea is to combine the strengths of both organizations to "intentionally consider and apply the most effective means to undertake public involvement." Here's the proposed mission: To provide leadership in understanding and applying innovative practices and new technologies for citizen participation, engagement, and deliberation. The centre would try to strike a balance among research, best practices, and consulting. Annual operating costs would be $300,000, split equally between the City and the University. Other partners may join at some point in the future. I really like the idea. That said, I want to echo the opening statement of the prospectus: The timing is right for establishing the proposed Centre. In reality, the timing is probably late by ten years. Both the