West & Southeast Edmonton LRT Route Recommendations - Blog
This afternoon Edmonton Transit announced its recommended routes for West and Southeast LRT lines. The routes "work towards the Transportation Master Plan's vision to expand LRT service to all sectors of the City of Edmonton by 2040." Back in June, City Council approved the LRT Network Plan, which identifies how the LRT system will be expanded. These two routes are part of that plan. Here's what the recommended routes look like (click for a larger image): There was a lot of information shared during today's briefing, which I did my best to live-tweet. Here are some of the highlights: This is not the LRT you're used to – it's low floor technology with smaller, urban style stations. Initially, there are seven stations planned for the West LRT route and six for the Southeast LRT route. The two routes are actually part of a single line, which means you'll be able to travel from Mill Woods to Lewis Estates without any transfers. Travel time from either end to downtown will be 20-25