Edmonton City Centre Airport Decision: Phased Closure - Blog
City Council voted today to implement a phased closure of the City Centre Airport. The motion put forward by Councillor Gibbons described two phases and passed by a vote of 10-3. I'm happy with the decision that was made today, and I commend Council for taking a courageous step toward ensuring the City's Vision and Strategic Plan are realized. Here is the vote breakdown for adopting the motion (which you can download here): Councillor Karen Leibovici (Ward 1) Yes Councillor Linda Sloan (Ward 1) No Councillor Ron Hayter (Ward 2) No Councillor Kim Krushell (Ward 2) Yes Councillor Ed Gibbons (Ward 3) Yes Councillor Tony Caterina (Ward 3) No Councillor Jane Batty (Ward 4) Yes Councillor Ben Henderson (Ward 4) Yes Councillor Bryan Anderson (Ward 5) Yes Councillor Don Iveson (Ward 5) Yes Councillor Amarjeet Sohi (Ward 6) Yes Councillor Dave Thiele (Ward 6) Yes Mayor Stephen Mandel Yes Council started discussing the issue at 1:30pm, and didn't wrap up until nearly