Council's Q & A on the City Centre Airport - Blog
I know I've been writing a lot about ECCA lately, but with the Council meeting taking place tomorrow afternoon, it's crunch time. I think the most likely outcome is that Council will vote for a staged closure of the airport (shutting one runway down initially, with the rest to follow at a later date). The only other outcome that I think has a chance is that Council will somehow delay the process, likely by asking for additional information. During the public hearings last week, Council asked a number of questions (75 to be exact). This afternoon, the answers were published online (you can download the Word doc here). It's worth reading the entire thing (50 pages, which includes the ECCA 2007 Annual Report) but I thought I'd highlight a few here. On height restrictions: Examples of major past projects that were reduced in height or could have developed higher were it not for the Airport Protection Overlay (APO) height limitations include the EPCOR Tower (101 Street/105 Avenue), the AMA