Social Media and Local News in Edmonton - Blog
My favorite media/journalism/news blogger is Jeff Jarvis. His blog, BuzzMachine, is a treasure trove of information and insight on how the web is transforming the world of news media. Jeff has spent a lot of time thinking about local news specifically, a topic I am very interested in. Yesterday he wrote a post summarizing his thoughts on where local news might go. These are the highlights for me: "The next generation of local (news) won't be about news organizations but about their communities." "News will emerge from networks." "Do what you do best and link to the rest will be a foundation of the future architecture of news." "News will find new forms past the article, which will include any media, wiki snapshots of knowledge, live reports, crowd reports, aggregation, curation, data bases, and other forms not yet created." I encourage you to read the entire post, it's definitely worth it. Thinking about Jeff's post made me wonder what local news organizations here in Edmonton are