Community Server to WordPress: Part 2 - Blog
Okay, time for another update on the blog migration. I stopped keeping track of hours, but I would guess I've spent about 9 hours or so on it thus far. Part of that time is for the theme though, and I tend to take quite a while working on those. Here's what I've accomplished since part 1: Discovered that extracting the tags from existing posts was harder than I first thought! That's because I've used three or four different styles for including tags over the years, so I had to update the code to take that into account. Same problem affected the "Read" link at the bottom of a post. Ran into a bunch of crap data problems in Community Server, mainly around trackbacks and and spam comments. For some reason they were appearing to me as posts. I solved the problem by deleting them in the source where appropriate, and accounting for them in the code otherwise. Another crap data issue - one post had four entries! Implemented and tested the redirection code necessary so that existing links