Xerox gets a new logo - Blog
I have to admit I'm fascinated by branding, especially when a long-established brand identity is updated. That's what is happening right now at Xerox. The logo we've come to know over the last 40 years is no more, replaced by the one shown to the right. Don't be fooled - creating a new identity isn't simple. "The Internet, sponsorships, all kinds of 3D icons — none of that existed when Xerox adopted its old logo," said Maryann J. Stump, senior director of brand strategy for Interbrand. "And you can do animation with a symbol that you just can't do with a wordmark." The new branding will go live on the Xerox Web site today but Xerox said it expected that it would take as long as two years to finish converting all of its packaging, marketing materials, office stationary and signs to the new look. The NYTimes article makes a big deal about the logo change being a way to free the company from it's image as just a maker of copiers. Not so fast,