Welcoming ColdFusion to the world of .NET - Blog
Two weeks ago Adobe unleashed a public beta of ColdFusion 8, the first major release of the technology since Adobe acquired Macromedia. One of the new features in version 8 is native support for .NET objects, which makes it simple to build business logic in .NET and still utilize ColdFusion for the user experience layer. Thus, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to ColdFusion developers - you can now easily use the very powerful .NET framework as part of your applications! If you'd like to get your hands dirty, you can download the beta here. Then check out this code example from Ben Forta, Adobe's Senior Technical Evangelist. He shows you how to use .NET to retrieve information about the hard drives on your server. I asked Jason Delmore, Product Manager for ColdFusion, for his thoughts on adding .NET support. Here's what he said: I think the point that our .NET capabilities emphasize is that there are strengths to each development technology...and an environment that allows for