Analyzing my posting habits - Blog
I have been blogging for about three and half years now, and lately I've been wondering about my posting habits. Do I tend to post at a certain time of day? How about a certain day of the week? I certainly don't try to - I just post when I have something to share. I ran the numbers tonight, and here's what I found (click on a graph to enlarge). The percentage on the Y-axis means "percentage of my posts". For days of the week: Looks like my post frequency drops off on the weekend, but not as much as I thought it might. For hours of the day: Looks like I am definitely a late-afternoon/evening blogger! This is quite a bit different than the blogosphere as a whole. When I do these numbers again, I'll have to figure out how many posts are made on days where I post more than once. I'd also like to find out what the average number of words/characters per post is, but that calculation is a little more involved. Kind of a neat exercise, I have to say. It'll be interesting to see how these