Venture Capital and Web 2.0 - Blog
Today's second keynote features Mathew Ingram talking with Dr. Paul Kedrosky about venture capital and Web 2.0. Here are my notes from the session (my comments in italics): Is this another bubble? In a sense we've returned to 1995, two browsers got funding! (Maxthon and Flock) In a sense, it feels like we're renacting a lot of the same things that happened last time. "It takes a lot of dead bodies to fill a swamp." Mathew says Web 2.0 is making the same mistakes faster! Paul says he sees the same plan four times a day, which is always a sign of the bubble. Paul says there's a strong argument to be made that the first bubble (not tech, but way back) wasn't a bubble at all, but rather a reaction to policy. We're really good at overpainting bubbles. Mathew says there seems to be a lot of money, and people have to make investments. Paul says we're at record levels for VC, in terms of capital under management. There's as much more money out there now as the last bubble, it's just much more