The Future of Marketing - Blog
In the first keynote of the day, Stuart MacDonald will be chatting with popular blogger Steve Rubel of Edelman about the future of marketing. Here are my notes from the session (my comments in italics): Throughout the conference they have been showing short ads for Mesh, made by a company called Storystream, whose tagline is "ads you want to watch". I'm not sure what the point is, but they are fairly interesting and sometimes funny. What does micropersuasion mean? Steve says its no longer about Superbowl ads, but rather about one person with a voice and the same impact. One individual being just as persuasive as anyone. Steve says public relations has to mean exactly what the words say, relating to the public. The PR professional needs to know how to interact with people as people. Bloggers have many different motivations, you have to consider a person's motivation and how to help them with it. Stuart remarks that blogging is harder than just issuing a press release, it feels like "a