Building a Community - Blog
Tara Hunt is on stage now, to present the third and final keynote of the day, talking about building a community. Here are my notes (my comments in italics): Tara says she left thinking there wasn't a tech community in Toronto, but thinks that things have changed now. She wants the session to be interactive. Who doesn't? Every presenter says that. Tara blogs because she is creating her own personal history. Tara says the consumer revolution is here. We know better than to listen to marketing lies. There are bad customer experiences, and too many unsatisfactory choices. We're people, not consumers. Once we make a choice, we're locked in, such as with DRM. There are too many messages - ads in the bathroom, on the train, etc. People are pissed. People have good choices now. Okay, this is actually interactive for once, gj Tara. A side effect of that, however, is that its harder to take notes ;) We're having a discussion now about a video Tara showed. The video, on YouTube, was of a