The Future of Media - Blog
Last session of the day is all about media and it's future, particularly that of newspapers. Participating is Mathew Ingram, Angus Frame, Tomer Strolight, and Tomi Poutanen. Here some notes from the session (my comments in italics): Why is Craigslist successful? Because newspaper classifieds are restrictive and expensive. Apparently the site steals $50 million of advertising from newspapers a year. Angus says you need to get people to change their understanding of what the daily paper is. A big change was adding breaking news to, so that the paper isn't only publishing once every 24 hours. The next goal is to have the Globe understand that control has to change; allowing readers to comment on articles, for example. Angus says its tough to get this new kind of thinking into the daily activities of a newsroom such as The Globe's. Tomer says that while not everyone is on board with doing things online, the organization is. This means they (Toronto Star) are doing things