Finally at Moose Camp – notes on Journalism - Blog
So we slept in a little this morning, and we took our time. Compared to past trips, this one has been relatively relaxing thus far! We finally made it to UBC's downtown campus (entirely underground in case you didn't know) and got our lanyards. Kind of neat idea - in addition to your name and web address on the nametag, there are four lines for "tags". We're in Mark Hamilton's session called We're all journalists now. Right next to us? Robert Scoble with the same tablet pc as I am typing this on. Here are some notes on the session: Some people in the room seem to think that there is great power in having tools that make publishing very easy and always on, while others thing that creates a larger problem of filtering and managing new information. Scoble makes the point that he can write about a product and a week later 3000 people have signed up for that new product, and that this method of distribution did not exist ten years ago. Others disagree, saying the scheme has always been