A Theory On Technological Innovation - Blog
I'm currently taking an Economics course (ECON 222) at the University of Alberta entitled "Economic Growth, Technology, and Institutions." I find it very interesting, which is hardly surprising given my liberal use of technology and the number of economics courses I have taken as part of my Computing Science degree. As a result, I like to think that I know a thing or two about technology and it's relation to economics (though I am sure to learn more before this course is complete). At the very least, I can make some educated assertions and theories. So today when I came across Tony Long's Wired article entitled "Dark Underbelly of Technology" I felt the need to say something, presumably because I'm a blogger and thus, in his words, "everything say is so interesting it should be shared with everyone." Besides that little swipe at bloggers, it's actually a well-written opinion piece. The gist of his column can be found in the second last paragraph (incidentially, I'm also taking a