Tomorrow's Public Relations - Blog
Here are some notes on the public relations session hosted by Steve Rubel, and Chris Sloop: Steve: I'm a confessed flack. WeatherBug is one of his clients, and he's using it as an example during the talk. They used to bundle Gator (adware) and so now they have a big image problem that they are attempting to address through blogging. What will blogs do to PR? Jack Welch: He says the secret sauce of success in business is candor. "We are socialized from childhood to soften bad news or make nice about awkward subjects." Steve: "Blogging is PR with candor." Here are the WeatherBug announcements being made by Chris during this session: WeatherBug API: WeatherBug RSS: Available to the public in July. WeatherBug Mac OS X: A public beta will be shipping in July. Darren Barefoot just made a good point that this session has simply been a product pitch for WeatherBug. Steve's response was that he wanted to show what he did and what he accomplished, rather than just