You Gotta See It To Believe It! - Blog
I have read quite a few interesting things over the last couple days, so I thought I would post some of the links here for you to see. Of course, I should be working on 391, but we all know blogging is more fun :) Need to use a circular saw for something? Get one that WONT CUT YOUR FINGER! Watch the video, you have to see it to believe it! I often have people ask me if they should buy a brand name computer, or custom build one. Unless I know the person is technologically savvy, I generally say brand name as they will run into less problems. However, if you are going to build a custom computer, why not use the box your operating system comes in? Again, gotta see it to believe it! I was not aware such a fantastic publication as Modern Drunkard Magazine existed, but was delighted to see their article entitled, "40 Things Every Drunkard Should Do Before He Dies". Hey guys ever think that urinals are just plain boring? How about doing your business into a Nun Urinal! Gotta see it to