Interesting Summer Job Idea #1 - Blog
Looking for a unique summer job idea? Have I got one for you or what! Now I know I have had my share of crazy ideas, but hear me out this time. First, a little background: People often say that first impressions are everything, and I would tend to agree. The primacy effect is usually more prevalent than the recency effect. Having said that, I want to make a good first impression to the developers who will be lined up (haha) to attend an MSDN event at SilverCity on Thursday. Dickson and I will be in attendance promoting our .NET User Group, Edmonton .NET Wizards. I want to make a good impression so that they sign up for our user group. So how do you get the first impression to be positive? Well as far as I am concerned, you do it with color - not black and white. So for Thursday, I created a nice little pamphlet with some brief information on our group, and all the relevant contact information. And of course, I made it in color. At this point I was thinking hooray, step one done, got