Searching for VoLTE 4G Routers (w/voice) and World 4G LTE Routers | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
By now just about everybody is on 4G LTE on their personal devices, but I'm looking for ROUTER devices that can be used on Marine Vessels ... Sail and Motor Yachts. It almost seems like it happened by accident in the 3G era which was legacy / backward compatible historically from 2G stuff. It may be that the router boxes started out Primarily as Voice devices (landline replacement they call it on land) and took the 2G GPRS and EDGE along with for added bonus. Early versions had to be hooked up like a modem over RS-232 (COM PORT) style connections (I even did COM Port over wireless on a boat or two to extend the range of this.) 3G Routers from the likes of Ericsson and Telular ended up having Voice via an RJ11 port or jack on the equipment - this used the old Circuit Switched Voice cellular functionality to provide voice telephone service. They also got Quad Band if the RF (Radio Frequency) section which turned them into WORLD-capable routers for voice and data. It was a beautiful thing