New: Cradlepoint AER 2200 Series - More LTE Bands, 600M LTE-A, Dual Modem Capable, 9 LAN port (4 PoE), Wave 2 WiFi - $1299.00 with Netcloud 1 Yr. | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
AER 2200 - More LTE bands, 9 LAN PORTS (Switchable LAN/WAN) 4 are PoE, Dual Modem Capable (Load Balance 2 modems or 2 4G LTE-A providers), Wave 2 WiFi - 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac) wave 2. $1299.00 with Netcloud 1 Yr. (see below.) 3 yr. hardware warranty. See 3 year and 5 year options (Netcloud / Support) near the bottom of this page. As long as a router is under Netcloud it has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. These are 3gpp Release 11 and I believe CAT 11 or 12 based on them saying 600 Mb/s built-in modems. Previously products were based on Release 10 CaT 6 modems. Also notice some additional LTE bands are included. Alan Spicer Marine Telecom - Available as Marine Pack with topside antennas and coax cables and adaptors needed for complete installation. Netcloud is Cloud Management and 24/7 Support. Cradlepoint doesn't give support without an agreement, and with these new packages it's included. You might not use the Cloud Management for a single vessel ... but it's a very nice way to check and