New: Cradlepoint COR IBR 900-1200M (LTE Advanced 1200 Mb/s) w/WiFi $999 with 1 yr. Netcloud Management and 24/7 Support | Alan Spicer Marine Telecom Blog
Now available … The Cradlepoint COR IBR900-1200M. Gigabit LTE – LTE Advanced Pro. Currently only for AT&T Network but a firmware update will be available in a couple months for other carrier networks. COR IBR900-1200M LTE Advanced Pro. Gigabit LTE (Max Speed.) Mobile Router As indicated these are only available (known working) on AT&T 4G LTE Advanced Pro Network. A firmware update will come out in the coming months allowing other cellular carriers networks. AC Power Supply and Antennas are not included as this is a mobile router and it is expected you will install external antennas on any vehicle this is used in including marine vessels. DC power cable is supplied. AC Adapter can be ordered if needed. Alan Spicer Telecom / Marine Telecom +1 954 354 2748 communications @ ibr900-spec-sheet-012019Download ibr900-product-brief-final-012019Download