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About Alan Spicer - Alan Spicer did 4 years US Navy stationed onboard USS Recovery ARS-43, a 214 foot ocean going diving, salvage, and towing vessel. I was rated as a Signalman and also qualified as Radioman. I stood Quartermaster of the watch underway performing navigation duties on real paper charts. I also saw the use of, and then the end of HF voice and Teletype as primary forms of communications - when the satellite gear was installed in 1981. I activated NNN0NAD - Navy Mars and ran Telephone Calls (phone patch) for the officers and crew. I have worked in 2 way radio service, 2 way radio manufacturing (Motorola), consumer electronics repair, vehicle location tracking (Systems Administrator and Customer Service by telephone), Information Technology (including Server and Network Administration), and have actually worked for several Internet Service Providers in the early days of the Internet. I started in 2004 working for another small company installing Cisco routers and Wireless